Creative Dance Classes

Creative dance allows students to develop a dance experiences with a strong understanding of dance principles and skills. The elements of dance (time, space and energy) are explored in a variety of dance activities.

Dancers are drawn into their creativity and imagination by the teacher creating a dance atmosphere using imagery, sound and music. Classes inspire the student to interpret music, poetry and art in the dance environment. Dancers are exposed to a variety of musical genres and dance props when exploring dance concepts and skills.

As an outlet for ideas and emotions, Creative Dance gives students the freedom to express themselves, guided by inner impulses.  Students explore dance as their own personalised language of expression. This in turn enriches their expressiveness and confidence with other dance styles they may also pursue.

Students have the opportunity to build on their dance making skills and produce original pieces of work. Yoga and technique is incorporated into the class to encourage focus, strength, alignment and relaxation.

Adult/Child(ren) Creative Dance Class

This makes it such a divine class! Enjoy the wonder and fun of parents and children discovering movement and dance together. The teacher creates an atmosphere in the dance class using imagery, sound and music. Dancing together care giver and child explore movement activities, while practicing skills. One of the most important aspects is the interaction between caregiver and child/children.

This is a creative class focusing on improvisation and play using a wide variety of music and props for stimulus, fun and learning.  There are several learning outcomes for these classes (see our home page). One of the outcomes that are noticeable in the parent and child class is the development of the ability to focus and concentrate on certain tasks.

Above all these classes are about play between caregiver and children. One of the most important ingredients of creativity is the ability to play.

Ballet Classes

Introduction to Ballet (5-6yrs):

This class fosters body awareness and a love for dance. The beginnings of ballet technique are introduced, such as appropriate posture and first and second positions of the feet and arms. Students also learn simple steps and sequences. A variety of dynamic qualities of movement, and the use of movement to ’tell a story’ are also explored in improvisations in each class.

Ballet Technique Level one (minimum age 7yrs):

In level one students expand upon the ballet basics acquired in the Introduction to Ballet class. Barre work is introduced, as are third and fifth positions of the feet and arms; steps and sequences are more challenging. Improvisations have a specific ballet focus compared to the broader focus of the younger level and students are encouraged to draw upon their growing vocabulary of ballet movements.

Level 2 Ballet:

In level two students’ ballet vocabulary is further developed with the introduction of fourth position of the feet and arms, pirouettes from fifth and more complex port des bras, adage and allegro. Students have the opportunity to use their ballet skills creatively, arranging short dances singly and in small groups.

Ballet Barre Class

The class is designed for the building of strength and stability whilst having a light hearted approach to the techniques needed for a strong structure in ballet. Classes run for an hour. The focus is placed on balance and proper technique and application, so that muscle memory and strength can be increased. This is a great class for developing deep toning of the body. All to the inspiring accompaniment of beautiful music. Class is set at a level that all can attend.

Boys Class

Boys creative, choreographic and contemporary dance classes. Age 6 and up. Classes will challenge and inspire students to work with their bodies, building strength, flexibility and spatial awareness.  Classes will also help students gain self confidence in their ability as dancers. There will be influences incorporated from contemporary performance styles, including floor work designed to increase upper body strength and control. An end year performance piece will be created.

Contemporary Dance Class

Contemporary dance movement use the body’s natural lines and energy, allowing a greater range of more fluid dance.  It is an organic and modern style. These classes are influenced by the styles of Martha Graham, Jose Limon, Merce Cunningham and release technique. Students learn fluid dance phrases that explore force, weight and rhythm variations, direction changes and floor work. Dance techniques such as turns, suspension, falls, lifts, leaps and travelling are crafted.

African Dance Class

Have some fun and warm up with high life dancing from Africa, samba from South America and some Jamaican Dance hall moves. Guaranteed to get the blood flowing and booty shaking! These classes are dynamic and an intense cardio workout. The African Dance class is a rhythmic style. High in energy and fun, it is a dynamic dance style. Students will learn the basics of African dance rhythms and put the moves together in routines set to music. Guaranteed to get the blood flowing and booty shaking, this class is a fun, dynamic and intense cardio workout.

Drama Classes

These classes combine a fun mix of practical drama skills such as role playing, mime, script work, improvisation & expressive skills. Students explore acting and story-telling using from a wide range of stimulus including cultures, mythology and imagination. Drama helps all children develop confidence and practical skills for life.

Hip Hop

High in energy and fun. Hip Hop is a fun and dynamic  dance involving styles that originated on the streets of America in the late seventies. Students will learn the basics of Hip Hop dance styles and put the moves together in routines set to music.

Holiday Program

The school holiday performing arts program for preschool to primary aged children participate in three days of dance drama song and visual arts. Enquire today for more information.


“When you perform…you are out of yourself – larger and more potent, more beautiful. You are for minutes heroic. This is power. This is glory on earth. And it is yours nightly.”  (Agnes De Mille)

There is a magic that unfolds for students when they perform. There is something in class that is tricky to catch on the stage, especially with children. Such as that unselfconscious abandoned expression and exploration when they think no one is watching. However, the experience of performing, as a ritualistic rite of passage, inspires a growth and confidence in themselves, their art and what they have to offer.

In class, students at Inside Out are engaged and involved in a creative process where they experience raw creative energy and ideas take form on stage. They experience the satisfaction of ‘it all coming together’.

Our concerts are an opportunity for friends and family to share in and witness the end of this creative journey. Above all else, it is an opportunity of empowerment for all our students. Their experience comes first.

The concerts are held towards the last or first weeks of November or December. Costumes are provided by Inside Out, however we do ask that students have black leggings and black leotards for girls and black singles for boys. There is also a performance levy per child in Term 4, additional to the class fees.

There is minimal to no necessary involvement from parents apart from helping their young children in and out of costumes and then enjoying the show. However, as the concert is run by volunteers, we do welcome any help from parents where they are able to.